Cookie & Cookie Butter S'mores aka Cookie Squared S'mores

Who doesn't love a good S'mores? Crisp graham crackers, melty chocolate and toasty-burnt marshmallows makes this a classic combo that just screams summer. I started to think of a whole world of s'more combinations that haven't been discovered yet and came up with my Cookie Squared S'mores. I wanted to give s'mores a makeover, but still manage to have all the same flavor profiles. So my s'mores contains freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, lathered with cookie butter, sandwiched between chocolate and marshmallows!

Cookie butter is a hot commodity nowadays. Cookie butter is a spread that has a flavor profile reminiscent of gingerbread and graham cracker.

Chocolate Chip cookies
Cookie Butter

Spread about a tablespoon of cookie butter on each cookie. Add pieces of chocolate to the cookie. Toast a marshmallow or two in the fire and place on one cookie. Place another cookie on top. Enjoy!

Happy Eatings!

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