Clio. If you are familiar with the Boston food scene (or any food scene!) then you must have heard of at least one of Ken Oringer's restaurants. I have been to two of his restaurants now and I love both of them! This weekend I visited my sister in Boston for my birthday celebration. We had a great time! We walked around Boylston Street, took the T, saw Blue Man Group, and of course- we ate!

The thing that I found so interesting about the food at Clio was the progression of flavors. Each bite seemed to get better and better and I would discover more and more flavors. The food was complex yet hit notes of familiarity. Everything was well thought out, unique and simply delicious. The atmosphere was upscale, trendy and even a little cozy! The staff was very kind. Here is what we ate.

Cassolette of Sea Urchin and Lobster with parsnip milk and threads of hot pepper. This is one of the signature dishes at Clio. This dish is so different and interesting. There was a generous portion of sea urchin and tender lobster. 

Parmesan veloute with crispy pork belly and unfiltered olive oil. This dish was so light and frothy yet rich and heavy. This salty broth was served in a tea cup.

Roasted Duck with black licorice and confit stuffed rutabaga. This is the dish that I ordered. The licorice was so incredibly interesting it kept me yearning for another bite. I also love the way the chef's cut the duck. Each dish looked like a work of art- and tasted like one too!

Duet de Boeuf with skirt steak and root beer braised short rib with bok choy. This is the dish my sister ordered and it was very yummy. I even heard the people sitting next us say as the waiter was setting down our dishes, "How many renditions can you have on steak- but wait that girl's (referring to my sister) steak looks SO good." And let me tell you, this dish was SO good! 

Dessert. Meyer lemon filled beignets with burnt honey ice cream, pine nut crumble and olives. When I cut into the made-to-order beignets the meyer lemon filling squirted out and then managed to almost disappear and melt into the warm beignets. The addition of savory olives gave this dessert the ability to touch all of my taste buds.

Happy Eatings 

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