Chewy Sugar Cookies with a Bourbon-Maple Glaze

Normally every year I make the traditional roll-out sugar cookies. You know the ones that you can cut into the cutest shapes and decorate with festive sprinkles? I figured why not give the crisp, flat sugar cookie a little lift?

All of my recipes on my blog are originals; however, when I came across the America's Test Kitchen "Chewy Sugar Cookies" I was completely intrigued. I figured that I might as well make them, but with my own little twist.....

Here is a link to the original recipe -

.....and my personal twist to the cookies are below

Basically follow the same recipe as the link above, but add around 2 tbs or so of Bourbon or any liquor of choice in when you add the egg to the dough. After your cookies are baked and completely cooled make the Bourbon-Maple Glaze. You can do this by whisking together 1 cup of powder sugar, 1 tbs. good quality Bourbon, 2 tbs. good quality maple syrup and a splash of water in a bowl. With a fork drizzle the glaze on the cookies. You just made santa very happy! Enjoy

Happy Eatings and Happy Holidays! 

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