Ricotta Pancake Cupcakes

I dreamt up this pancake cupcake recipe while having a hint of nostalgia for Maialino's ricotta pancakes. They are so good, so I figured why not make a pancake cupcake using all of the basic accompaniments for pancakes (yes, this includes a fruit compote and maple syrup)! These cupcakes manage to not be too sweet, so if you want more sugar add it! By the way, I baked these cupcakes in heart shape and log shaped holders. The heart shape works perfectly for you know what....Valentine's Day. Eat these special treats for breakfast, a snack or dessert! Make it for your Valentine!

For the Heart Pancake Cupcakes:

3/4 cup flour
1 1/2 tps baking powder
1/4 tps baking soda
3 tbs sugar
3 eggs 
the zest of a lemon
the zest of a clementine 
2 cups ricotta 
a pinch of salt 
1/2 cup buttermilk
1/2 stick of butter melted but cooled 
1 egg white
powdered sugar for dusting

Preheat the oven to 400 F (maybe less depending on your oven). 
Grease your molds with butter, and flour.
Mix all of the dry ingredients, and the wet (except for the zest) in separate bowls. Then in batches incorporate them together. Strain the batter in a mesh strainer. Whip the egg white in a different bowl until you get stiff peaks, and fold the whites and the zest into the batter.  Cook until golden brown, or until a tooth pick comes out clean. Take your cupcakes out of the pan, and let them cool before frosting. Once the cupcakes, and compote are cooled start frosting. Gently, but loosely top the cupcakes with the maple ricotta frosting. Then throw on a dollop of the strawberry Valentine compote, and dust the cupcakes with a little bit of love....POWDERED SUGAR!

For the Maple Syrup Ricotta Frosting

1 cup of ricotta
1/4 cup of maple syrup 
any leftover clementine and lemon zest

While the cupcakes are baking....
Mix all the components together.

For the Red Valentine Strawberry Compote:

1 pint of strawberries save some to add in half way through your cooking process for a different texture
the zest of half a lemon
juice of the lemon
the zest and juice of half a clementine
3 tbs. sugar (more or less depending on the sweetness of your berries)

While your cupcakes are baking.....
Cut your strawberries in half. Mix everything together in a small pan and put on medium heat. Macerate your strawberries. Stir occasionally, and cook until the berries let out their natural juices, and your cupcakes are cooling. Let the compote cool before dolloping.

                                                                       Happy Eatings! XOXO Valentine

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