The Modern

The Modern is an uniquely out of this world restaurant. The Modern comes from the culinary brilliance of renowned restauranteur Danny Meyers. Yes, that is the same man who brought us Maialino, Blue Smoke and Shake Shack!! 
Since The Modern is located at the Museum of Modern Art, it is no surprise that each dish like every thing to do with food is a piece of art. From the plates to the chairs The Modern is different and great. The  different food combos consist of things that the norm wouldn't dream of.
Here is what we got on the menu-well the one on the far side of the restaurant!

Trumpet mushrooms and oysters:

Kobe beef and foie gras:

Risotto with crispy duck

Seared foie gras:
 Pork tenderloin:
 Cod with chorizo:

 For dessert:

Happy Eatings!

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