Greek Feast

This weekend I immensely enjoyed going to a local Greek Festival. It was filled with traditional Greek dances, Greek t-shirts, and most importantly great Greek food! Take a look at what we ate!

        We happened to just have dessert, look at all these wonderful things to 
choose from.

This is what we got!:

Rice Pudding:                                                                     Greek Coffee:

 A nice man gave us a tour of his Loukoumades stand. Loukoumades are similar to a small doughboy in which is covered in warm honey topped with either chopped nuts, cinnamon, or sesame seeds.

Here is the Loukoumades machine, popping out these little works of art.

Next the man turns them over and lowers the grate (above) in to the hot oil so as to press the fried dough.

Then the lady puts the hot dough into the hot Grade A honey and allows them to soak.  

Top them with some cinnamon and chopped nuts to finish, and you have an explosion of flavors, textures and temperatures!

Happy Eatings

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