Fig and Brie Burger

Although I am sick with sinus problems-my appetite isn't and could never be affected. This is what I had for lunch. This different combo will tingle your sweet, rustic and savory taste-buds.
80%-20% groud beef
1 fresh fig per burger
Drizzle of balzamic glaze
3 handcut pieces of firmer brie cheese per burger

Form your burgers 3/4 of an inch thick. Make an indent in the middle of the burger with your thumb, this way your burger will retain its juices and evenly cook. Season with salt and pepper. Make your burger on a grill or cast iron skillet. Cook to your liking (I like mine juicy and medium- to medium rare. But make sure that if you do like your ground beef burgers on the pinkish-redish side that it is good quality.) Add the brie and cover your heat source that way your brie can melt well. About 1-3 mins. depending on cheese thickeness. Cut your plump fresh fig in half and than in quarters while your cheese is melting. Add your brieburger to a toasted ciabatta roll and add the fig pieces. Drizzle with as much balamic glaze as you want and enjoy!
Suggested pairing:
Pair with something crunchy for a texture contrast!

Happy Eatings

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