Strawberry Crostata

This simple, fruity and not too sweet dessert hits the spot in the summer; just look at those fresh native       strawberries!
For the dough:                                             For the strawberries:
A stick and a half of  butter {cold and cubed}       A little more than a pound of fresh strawberries
2 cups flour                                                        As much sugar as needed....test the strawberries to 
1/2 cup superfine sugar                                     see how sweet they are
pinch of salt {kosher works great!!}                    Zest of a lemon the juice is optional
1/2 cup of ice water {add more as needed}
First mix all fo the ingredients except the butter and water. Than add the COLD cubed butter and mix with has much water needed so it is a little crumbly but very moist. Than knead and form into a circle. About an inch thick. Wrap it in tin foil. I find it easier to flour both sides of the tin foil so the crust doesn't stick. Let the dough chill so the butter will become cold again. Now lets make the berries! You can really use any type of berries and fillings with this buttery dough, I had strawberries hanging around, hince the strawberry crostata. Cut the strawberries into thin slices and combine with other ingredients and let it sit. Preheat the over to 425 F while the two parts to this dessert are resting. At least for a hour. Next butter and flour a sheet pan take out the dough and *work quickly so the butter stays cold*! Poke the dough with a fork so the air can escape while cooking. Add the berries and try not to add the juices so they don't escape while cooking. Kinda like below!! Bake until golden. Let cool and drizzle with bitterswet dark chocolate {optional}. Garnish with mint {optional}.

*Cold butter is very important with baking things like pie crusts because when the cold butter hits the hot oven it adds flakiness to the crust. Instead of having the flour absorb the butter.*

Bake it!!

Cool it!!

Drizzle it!!

Garnish it!!

Add a relaxing garden atmosphere and voliá!!

Thank you for reading!!

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