Johnson and Wales: International Desserts!

    My first cooking class at Johnson and Wales University was International Desserts....whats better than that?! For this we broke into groups: group #1 did Panna Cotta and Baklava {read captions and click on the dessert for a further description and history of the dessert.} group # 2 did Arroz Doce and Gingerbread Cupcakes while my group did Apple Strudel and Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream and we all made the Gateau Pithivier. This was a great professional experience. I mean if you watch shows like Iron Chef America or would see that everything from the walk in freezer and refrigerator to the sink system {which was for the cleaning portion of the sinks was one big sink with three mini sinks inside of it. The first sink was for washing, the second for rinsing, the third for sterilizing and the space after that was for air drying} to the ice cream machine was immaculate and special, just like on tv!!

At the top is Arroz Doce or rice pudding from portugal.
At the bottom is Panna Cotta form Italy.

In the middle is Baklava from the Middle East and Greece.

This is what my friends and I made: Apple Strudel from Germany.

Gingerbread Cupcakes from England.

My group made this: the Apple Strudel and Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream {which has spices in it} from no where else but Mexico!!

Gateau Pithivier from France: Before....

And After!!

Can't  wait to do another one!!

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