Jackie's Birthday

 This was the birthday dinner for my sister Jackie's 23 birthday!!

Grandma's pizza!! Olives and melon wrapped in prosciutto.
Hot peppers stuffed with cheese and prosciutto.

Grape tomatoes mozzarella basil skewers.

We just had to have two salads....the first is homemeade ceaser with garlic bread and the next is cherry tomatoes and arugula--from the garden! With a white vinegar dressing.

Grilled Chicken.
Whats a party without sausage??  A mix of hot and sweet! They are all grilled!

and the star....Ravioli Surprise!
  This is a mixture of all different kinds of raviolis-- artichoke, truffle, asparagus, lobster, spinach, 5 cheese and prosciutto and many other different kinds all mixed together and all in a vodka cream sauce. This is a fun meal and conversation starter! I think I have artichoke....or is it asparagus??  

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