Harry Potter Party!!

For the final adventure of Harry Potter, my friend and I had a Harry Potter Marathon before the final one came out. So on Wednesday, I went over her house were she made....

Poison Apple Cup Cakes:
These mini cakes have a cinnamon and nutmeg base with chopped up fresh granny smith apples with a carmel frosting and halloween/ Harry Potter themed decoration. It may not be halloween yet but these cupcakes will scream a Harry Potter theme!

  Butter Beer & Wands= HP:
This is my friend's version of butter beer!! This is a non-alcholic drink with a cream soda base and butterscotch flavoring. She used vanilla instead.  Instead of beer    mugs we went with Del's lemonade cups. Can you tell which state we're from??  

Creepy Crawly Jell-O/ "Sludge Cups":
My friend made two flavored and two toned Jell-O cups with some yummy surprises inside!! 


 As Wednesday came to a close we traveled over to my house were despite the brake  for my sister's 23rd Birthday the HP theme was still in the air.....

                                                                                  Dirt Cup:
Yes this is the classic pudding, oreos and gummies dessert...however it seemed to fit in with the theme!

                                                                           Cauldron Cakes:
Straight from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter comes Cauldrom Cakes. These cakes are filled with spices such as ginger and cinnamon. You can frost it anyway you like I simply just dusted [or maybe even extra dusted!!] powdered sugar.
Than on Friday we saw the last and final Harry Potter: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part      2.

                                                            We will miss you Harry Potter!!

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